Have you heard the term CRM? CRM stands for “client relationship manager”. It’s important for you to set up a CRM in the very early stages of your virtual assistant business. HoneyBook is the best CRM for virtual assistants, and I’m going to show you why it’s so important. Have you booked that first discovery […]

A common term that you will hear a lot around the virtual assistant space is “discovery call”. In this blog, we are going to jump right into what a discovery call is, how to prepare for a discovery call, and how to have a successful discovery call. Are you ready? Buckle up! What is a […]

Why is choosing your virtual assistant business name important? One of the very first things you need to do when starting your virtual assistant business is to name your business. This seemingly simple step can be a major pitfall and can cause you to stall and not launch your business.  I absolutely, positively do not […]

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I need to take some time off and recharge, but it is just never a good time.”? As a business owner/virtual assistant, there is always a list of things that need to be done. Someone is always needing something from you. There’s always an email that needs to be […]

How do you grow your virtual assistant business without being cringe or spammy? I get this question a lot you guys. I have several tips for this, but today we are going to dive into one of my favorites!  Facebook groups are a fantastic way to grow your virtual assistant business. If you are a […]

One of the top questions I am asked all the time is “what virtual assistant services can I offer with no experience?” News flash! Just because you don’t have experience as a virtual assistant does not mean that you do not have any experience. Are you confused yet? Let’s talk this out and let me […]

So…you have decided that you want to start your virtual assistant business. You are super excited but now comes the challenging part of figuring out all of the pieces. Am I right? Don’t worry, we have totally got this! Before you read any further, I want you to go read the blog post about defining […]

One pagers are my version of a new and improved resume for Virtual Assistants and online service providers. ⁣ In my experience of being a Virtual Assistant for the last three years, nine out of ten potential clients could care less about your resume. Yes, I said it and it’s true! They are busy. That’s […]

One of the top questions I am asked on a weekly, if not daily basis, is “how do I find clients?” I usually respond back with another question. Who is your ideal client? The response is usually crickets.  Listen, I totally get it. I didn’t even know what the term ideal client meant when I […]

Let’s talk about attracting your ideal client and why this is so important. If you are utilizing social media (and I hope you are) to market your virtual assistant business, you need to make sure that your ideal client is seeing all of your amazing content. Follow these three steps to start attracting your ideal […]

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