How to Create a One Pager

One pagers are my version of a new and improved resume for Virtual Assistants and online service providers. ⁣

In my experience of being a Virtual Assistant for the last three years, nine out of ten potential clients could care less about your resume. Yes, I said it and it’s true!

They are busy. That’s why they need YOU. ⁣

I created my one pager with the intent to showcase who I am, how I can help, my current rate and how to contact me. ⁣

You are going to want to be sure to include the following:

1. Make it personal. Include a picture of you and 2-3 sentences about who you are. 

2. Share the services you offer and what you can do for your potential client. 

3. Share your pricing. The last thing you want is to jump on a discovery call only to find out that you are not anywhere close to being in their budget. 

4. Include your contact information and a call to action such as “book a discovery call with me”. ⁣

Boom.  ⁣

⁣I have always created my one pagers using Canva. I like to keep it simple, clean and on brand. ⁣

A business owner should be able to look at it and get the information they need from it in under two minutes. ⁣

⁣And because I love you so much, I have created a one pager template you can go grab HERE!

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