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Starting your Virtual Assistant business isn’t nearly as complicated as you think it is.

Potential clients care more about soft skills than technical skills. 

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You can work as little or as much as you want, it’s all up to you!

You will never be “ready” to jump in and start. you should go for it.



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Hi, I'm Tara

I started my virtual assistant business five years ago because I was exhausted from trying to balance being a working momma at a life sucking job.

Over the last four years I have learned a lot, and have created a life that is centered around freedom and flexibility.

I want the same thing for you. Those dreams you have about working for yourself and making money while also making an impact? They are yours for the taking.

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how it all started

I have always loved working. I have worked anywhere from part time away from the home to full time away from home to being a full time stay at home momma. I am a firm believer that there is no perfect formula for everyone. My VA biz started when I resigned from my full time job in order to be more present in my boys' lives. Being a VA is the absolute perfect balance that I have been searching for since becoming a momma over ten years ago. I am able to go on the field trips, attend the class parties, and be home during breaks. However, I am also able to have my own business and work with amazing business owners on a daily basis who inspire me. I am able to set my own hours, and make sure my schedule works for me. 

let's get personal

more about me

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