A common term that you will hear a lot around the virtual assistant space is “discovery call”. In this blog, we are going to jump right into what a discovery call is, how to prepare for a discovery call, and how to have a successful discovery call. Are you ready? Buckle up! What is a […]

One of the top questions I am asked all the time is “what virtual assistant services can I offer with no experience?” News flash! Just because you don’t have experience as a virtual assistant does not mean that you do not have any experience. Are you confused yet? Let’s talk this out and let me […]

As a Virtual Assistant and a VA trainer and educator, I have heard it all when it comes to starting your business. All the questions, all the excuses, all the what ifs, all the fear and uncertainty.  “I want to start my Virtual Assistant business but…⁣” ⁣I don’t know where to start.⁣ I’m afraid of […]

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