How to Attract Your Ideal Client

Let’s talk about attracting your ideal client and why this is so important. If you are utilizing social media (and I hope you are) to market your virtual assistant business, you need to make sure that your ideal client is seeing all of your amazing content. Follow these three steps to start attracting your ideal client!


Do your research on your ideal client. Find out their likes, dislikes, where they are hanging out online and what their pain points are in their business.

You can do this in a number of different ways. Facebook groups are a great way to do this. Find a Facebook group where your ideal client is hanging out and start by searching through posts that might give you these answers first. If you need to create a post yourself to get some more answers to these questions, definitely do that! 

Note- please do not cold message anyone who responds trying to sell them your services. This is almost always against group rules and it is tacky. This is purely for research purposes. 


Create content that speaks specifically to your ideal client. Paint the picture of how you can solve their pain points if they work with you.

Bonus: Show your face and/or video! This creates a like, know and trust factor that is so important. 


Use hashtags that your ideal clients are using so you can get your content in front of them as much as possible. 

This is especially important on Instagram. A method that works really well is to go to several of your ideal clients and make a list of hashtags that they are using and following. Find the consistencies and do a quick audit of which hashtags would work for you and use them! 

For more tips and mini trainings, be sure to come hang out with me on Instagram!

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