How to Use Social Media as a New Virtual Assistant

If you’re a new VA, listen up…

Posting on social media should not be your priority and where you are spending the majority of your time in the beginning stages of your business. Hear me out before sending me all the hate mail.

Instead, your focus and your priority should be on landing that first client and delivering such exceptional work that they are going to scream your name from the rooftop. 

Fact: 0 of my first few clients came as a result of them finding me on social media in the beginning. I found them. I spent at least one to two hours per day finding job opportunities and applying to them in the beginning of my business. I reached out to over a hundred opportunities,, easily. That became my focus and where the majority of my time was spent.

And guess what? It worked! I quickly landed my first client, and then another and then that client started referring me and so on and so forth. Referrals are now my number one lead generation source and that is the best because clients are coming to me instead of the other way around. Amazing, right?

Are you spending too much time in the wrong place right now? 

Do I think that having a consistent presence on social media is helpful and a good thing? Yes! I just don’t think you should be spending too much time stressing over what to post and getting sucked into the never ending rabbit hole that it can quickly become.

Check out my Virtual Assistant Social Media Content Planner that includes 60 days worth of social media prompts and a mini training on how I have grown my IG organically…all for $7! This is perfect for the newer Virtual Assistant who wants to establish some consistency on social media without spending hours coming up with content ideas.

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