How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

More and more business owners are learning about what a virtual assistant is and how they can be a game changer for their business. The next step is to hire a virtual assistant, which can be totally overwhelming. The goal for this post is to set you up for success when it comes to hiring a VA to add to your team.


1. Clearly define what tasks you will want your virtual assistant to take over.

Start by making a list of all the tasks you do on an ongoing basis. Keep a notebook and pen handy or use the notes app in your phone to document everything for a week or two. Go back over your list and mark all the tasks that you want to delegate and take off your plate.


2. Know what your budget is.

Virtual assistants usually range from $25-$45 per hour, but this varies based on skill set and experience.


3. Create a job description.

Using your list from above is going to play a huge part in creating your virtual assistant job description. You will want to include the following components:

A little about you and your business. 

The essential functions and responsibilities of the role. (The tasks listed above).

Important qualities you would like your virtual assistant to have

Requirements/qualifications that pertain to the job


4. Create a Google form for applicants to fill out.

It will keep your inbox clean and keep all responses in one place. Have a deadline for all applications.


5. Get the word out!

Post about the opportunity on your social media outlets and post in popular facebook groups such as Virtual Assistant Savvies. Be sure to post the link to the google form and be clear that they should not DM you. Anyone who does, should be eliminated immediately. It’s shocking to me how many people cannot follow directions and that is clearly not someone you want to hire.


6. Dedicate several days to go through all the responses.

Create a spreadsheet and add anyone who jumps out at you and add any notes. Narrow down a top 3-5 list and reach out to book a call with each.


7. Hire your virtual assistant!


I teach all of my virtual assistant students to look for job opportunities just like what I described above. It shows that you as the business owner have really put some thought into what you need and that will go a long way in ensuring that hiring a virtual assistant will be successful for you. I also teach my students how to conduct a discovery call and next steps, so a good virtual assistant will take the lead and let you know what next steps are.


Things to remember…

A virtual assistant is not an employee. We are independent contractors who set our own rates and schedules. 

Communication is key. Find the best way to communicate with your virtual assistant. My personal favorite is the walkie talkie app, Voxer. I talk back and forth with my clients on a daily basis. 

Go with your gut when hiring. You will be working closely with your virtual assistant, so meshing well with their personality is important.

Still overwhelmed? I’ve got you! Click HERE to fill out my Virtual Assistant Matchmaking form. I work with incredible virtual assistants and would be happy to help you find your perfect match!





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