What You Need to Start Your Virtual Assistant Business

Have you been thinking about starting your Virtual Assistant business, but the fear of everything you think you will need is holding you back? I had the exact same thoughts a few years ago when I was starting out. 


Here are a few things you DON’T need when starting your Virtual Assistant business…⁣

A website (seriously)⁣

Expertise in a bunch of services⁣

A list of warm leads for potential clients⁣

A lot of money ⁣


You are going to be pleasantly surprised by how little you actually need to get up and going. Many things can be added on later. Even better? You don’t need a ton, if any, money to get started either. 


I created this 5 Day VA Fast Track challenge to jump start your Virtual Assistant business. Each of the five days of the challenge I will be teaching you what you need to do and what tools and programs you will need to start bringing on clients and making money!


Join the challenge now by clicking HERE!

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