Ok, so what’s up with Clubhouse and how can you use it for your business? I’m spilling the tea on this new and exciting social platform app! Please note that I am not a Clubhouse expert by any means, and I have been on the app for just over a week at the time I am writing this. 


Clubhouse is an audio based social media app that is currently in BETA, which means you must have an invite to get it and for right now it is only available for iPhone users. (I have heard that Android users have been able to get in by using an iPad). 


I personally joined a Clubhouse follow train inside of a Facebook group. The first person adds the next person’s contact info in their phone and sends the invite via the Clubhouse app. That person then does the same and so on and so forth.

If you are super lucky, maybe you know someone who has an extra invite who would be willing to pass that on to you. 

I did receive three additional invites about a week after I joined the app. You can still go ahead and sign up to be added to the waitlist in the meantime. 


Clubhouse users are able to host and join rooms. As a room host/speaker, you are able to schedule your room ahead of time or start it instantaneously. It’s important to have a specific and catchy title for your room as this is what will draw users into your room to interact with you. 

Once you are in the room, you are automatically muted unless you are brought up on “the stage”. The stage is the very first section of speakers at the top of the room. You can tap and untap the microphone icon to mute and unmute yourself. There is also a hand icon that you can tap called “raise hand”. When you tap this, it alerts the room hosts and moderators that you have something to say and/or a question to ask. 

Rooms are not recorded and once the host ends the room, that’s it. 


Clubhouse is a place for connecting and networking. It is not super spammy, which is so refreshing. As a good rule of thumb, it is so nice when users come on the stage and give a brief intro and say “my questions is…” and get right to the point. If the room host needs more background information, they will ask you. 

In most rooms, they will go in the order that they bring users up to the stage. Always wait to talk until you have been invited to do so and be sure to keep your microphone muted until then as well. 


Following is similar to Instagram. You will be able to see which rooms the users you follow are in as well, which is super fun. When you tap the users profile picture, their Clubhouse bio will come up and in the top right corner you can tap the bell icon to be alerted whenever they are hosting a room.


Users who have been on the platform for a little while and who are active and hosting rooms regularly are able to apply for a “Club”. A club reminds me of a Facebook at this point. You can follow clubs that interest you, and they may invite you to be a member of the club. 


Your bio on clubhouse is very important. This is where users will go to find more out about you and your business. Be sure to clearly state what you do, who you work with and what services you offer. I love to include a few fun facts about myself as well.

As of right now there are no links, but if you have an easy url, you can absolutely add that to your bio. 

Be sure to connect your Instagram account. There is no way to send messages to Clubhouse users within the app at this time, so many users are connecting on Instagram. 


This is a fun way that Clubhouse is signifying that a user is brand new to the platform. It will go away after you have been on for one week. 


This signifies that the users on the stage are clapping for whoever is talking at the moment. Kind of fun!

Ultimately, I am having so much on this new social media platform. I have made some amazing connections and have been in rooms with some amazing women who I look up to and have so much respect for. I love to pop in rooms as I am working, walking or folding laundry. There is no need to be “video ready”, which is a huge plus in my humble opinion. 

I’m excited to see what updates will be rolling out over the upcoming weeks and months. I also believe this is a great way to get in front of your ideal clients and network with them in a whole new way. 

I’ll be sure to write a follow up post as the platform evolves. For more tips and tricks be sure to check out all of my posts HERE

Questions or comments? Drop them below!

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