The Answers to All The Questions

I thought it would be super fun to do a post where I answer all of the questions that I receive all the time! Sound good?! Let’s jump in!


What in the world is a VA? What do you actually do?


Ok, so a VA is a virtual assistant who is an independent contractor that provides done for you services for their clients. Those services can range from managing email inboxes to creating social media graphics. My very first blog post included a great list of different services, if you want to check that out here!

I tend to offer more admin focused services for my clients- that is my bread and butter for sure! I organize a lot of emails on a daily basis, manage a lot of calendars and do a lot of random tasks in between. My days never look the same, and I think that is one of the reasons why I love what I do so much.


What is your typical work schedule?


My typical work schedule is 9am-3pm most days of the week while my boys are at school. However, I always take an hour for lunch/errands and a lot of times I am doing random things like getting my nails done on any given afternoon. No is holding me to working these hours- this is just the margin in my day that I have to get work done. 

As a VA, you set your own hours/schedule which is so amazingly awesome!


How many clients do you typically work with?


It’s not really so much how many clients I am able to work with as it is about the number of hours I have available, and how many hours per month each client needs. This typically tends to be around 4-5 clients. 

As I am growing and scaling, I have an amazing subcontractor (who also happens to be my bff and we are basically the same person) working with me! This is allowing me/us to take on a few more lovely clients.


How did you get started?


I completed the Moms Work Hard Signature Virtual Assistant Course, which I cannot recommend enough! This course truly set me up for success in my biz. You can check it out HERE.

I took everything I learned in each module and implemented it step by step. I know for a fact I would not be where I am in my business today without this course.


How do you find clients?


In the beginning I utilized Facebook groups and figured out a method that worked quite well. Since then it has been all about networking and referrals from current clients, which in my opinion is the absolute best!


How do I know what to charge?


Oh yes, the elephant in the room. There is no one size fits all answer for this one. However, I firmly believe you should never charge less than $20 per hour even when you are first starting out. This is a completely reasonable hourly amount and it is the amount I started at. 

I have slowly been able to increase my rate as I have built my  business and gained more and more experience. I have also moved away from a flat hourly rate, and I am starting to offer monthly pricing packages to all clients going forward. 


How did you get past the fear of putting yourself out there?


I had to come to a point where I knew that I had the skills in order to do this. And guess what? Google and Youtube are two of my very best friends. I have no shame in saying that! You can literally Google or Youtube how to do anything- anything! You clients don’t expect you to know everything. They are looking for someone who isn’t afraid to figure something out before saying “I can’t do this because I don’t know how”. Instead you should say, “I honestly do not know,  but I will find out how and get it done.” 


I hope this is helpful, and always feel free to send me your questions so that I can do more posts like this one. I will have a IG TV go up later this afternoon as well. Make sure you are following me on IG @tarasheatheva.

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