Overwhelmed With All the Things? You Need to Brain Dump!

It’s the week before Thanksgiving, and I have a feeling that most of our schedules are packed right now. You need to do all the things, but how do you know where to even start? 


I have the answer! My brain dump method! It’s only a 4 step process, and super easy!


Step 1:

Grab a notebook and write down every single task that needs to get done. All. of. Them. 



Step 2:

Determine which tasks must be done before you go to sleep. Not the tasks that you wish you  could get done- only the things that must be done. High-light these tasks. I like to use a fun pink high-lighter because it makes my heart happy, but you do you. 


Step 3:

Go back through your high-lighted tasks and rank them in the order that you need to get them done. I personally like to knock out the task that I am least looking forward to first, and then the rest is downhill from there. Does anyone else find extreme satisfaction when you cross a task off you list? It’s the best!


Step 4:

The next day go back through your list with a different colored high-lighter and repeat steps two and three until all tasks have been completed. Sometimes I will just start a new list because I have issues and can’t handle how messy it looks, but go with what works best for you. 


There you go! My brain dump method is super simple, but super effective. I am all about simple these days. You could make different lists for work and personal, but I tend to just combine the two. Again- simple is my jam.


Let me know if you have another method that works well for you, or if you have tried the brain dump method!

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