How to Overcome Burnout

I have referred to this year as “2020: The Dumpster Fire Year” plenty of times, but in all seriousness let’s talk about burn out. Burn out can happen at any time, but at times of high stress, it’s almost inevitable. I would say that 2020 has been stressful for a lot of us. 

You may feel overwhelmed, overworked, and like things are spinning out of control. I know I have felt like this off and on over the last several months and so many have you have expressed the same feelings. 

So what can we do to overcome burnout when we feel it creeping in?

Call It For What It Is

When you feel those feelings creeping up, don’t ignore it. Call it out by name and and deal with it head on.

Take a Break

I know…it’s hard to take a break when you feel like you have a thousand things to do. It doesn’t have to be a week long break. Take a morning, an afternoon or maybe a whole day for yourself. Step away from your computer and to do lists. Take some time for yourself so you can come back with a clear head and be ready to tackle that to do list.

Take Care of Yourself

Make sure you are drinking enough water each day, eating foods that fuel you, moving your body for 30 minutes each day (walking and listening to a true crime podcast is my fav) and get enough sleep each night. I can always tell, and more importantly feel, when I am not taking care of myself. It affects everything else so this is very important. 

Do Something You Love

Spend some time doing things that you truly love. Maybe that’s baking, reading a good book, taking a long bubble bath with candles lit, going to coffee or lunch with a friend. Whatever it may be, schedule it in at least once a week. Once you do that consistently, bump it up to three times a week. You can thank me later. 

These four simple things have helped me tremendously this year. I love what I do too much to allow myself to get to the point of burnout. Here’s to making it through the rest of 2020!

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