How to Make Time for Fun in Your Business

I am a firm believer that as a business owner, it is so important to schedule some fun into your calendar. I am an avid time blocker (more on that another day) and I like to plan as much as possible. I like to be intentional with my time and this means I have to schedule in some fun. 

I remember when I was working a 9-5 how I would daydream about setting my own schedule and being able to go get groceries on a Monday morning, or meeting up with a friend for coffee on a random Thursday afternoon. That was not possible then, but it is now. 

It can become all too easy to let our busy schedule take over. I totally get it. Between client work and supporting my students in Foundations and The Formula, my days fill up quickly. 

Every Sunday evening I sit down with my google calendar and look at my week ahead. As I create my time blocks, I always make sure to schedule at least one fun thing. Whether that’s lunch with my mom, getting a pedicure, grabbing coffee with a friend or taking a stroll through Target. 

I find that it helps clear my head and I come back refreshed and ready to focus on my business. I literally have to add the fun things to my calendar to hold me accountable to actually doing them. I know that it sounds silly, but I promise it totally works. 

Here’s my challenge for you. Schedule one fun thing this week. Pop it in your calendar and do not move it. Make it a non negotiable. Be sure to send me a message when you do this so I can celebrate with you! 

Curious to learn more about how I time block my calendar? Grab my free time blocking worksheet here! It will come straight to your inbox with a short video explaining how I use it. 

Time blocking is the biggest reason why I have been able to scale my business to what it is today. I can’t wait for you to try it out and let me know what you think!

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