How to Have Confidence When Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business

One of the number one things that you need when starting your virtual assistant business is confidence. If you are not confident in yourself and what you offer, how are clients going to be confident in their decision to hire you? I lacked confidence when I first started my business because I didn’t feel like I had the experience needed. I slowly taught myself new tools and platforms and figured out how to use them inside my business and quickly realized these were skills that were valuable to my clients. They were needing these same things done inside their business. Pretty soon I am became more and more confident.

How did I teach myself? I Googled a lot and spent hours watching Youtube videos. If you could only see my search history! I invested a lot of time into learning and teaching myself. Time is so valuable these days and it seems like there is never enough of it.

That’s why I have created a monthly membership for Virtual Assistants who are looking to level up your skills and feel confident in the services you are offering. Each month I will be sharing a new training on the top tools and platforms that you can be using in your business and offering as services. We will also have a monthly LIVE group coaching call! This is the most affordable way to work with me, and I am so excited about it!

The wait list for THE FORMULA is open now! Be sure to sign up today to lock in the founding member discount price and to be the first to know when the cart opens up! Get on the waitlist HERE!

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