How to Get Virtual Assistant Clients

The real key to landing dream clients…

1. The very first impression is so important.

I usually would reach out via email. I kept it short and sweet (no typos!!!) and always attach my one pager so my potential client can get a good idea of who I am, what I offer and how they can find me.

2. Conducting a fun and easy going discovery call is SO important.

If you are freaking out and extremely nervous, it’s going to show. The way I combat my nerves is to have a discovery call guide in front of me that keeps me on point and confident. Discovery calls should be an easy flowing, two way conversation. I promise, they can be fun!

3. All about that follow up.

You should always send a follow up email thanking your potential client for their time and attach a scope of work proposal that clearly lays out all of the information your potential clients needs to make a decision on hiring you. This should be sent no later than 24 hours after the discovery call.

Like most things in my VA biz, I figured out an awesome system for this with practice and trial and error. My first few discovery calls were super cringe worthy, but it was because I didn’t feel confident because I didn’t feel prepared.

How amazing would it be to feel so prepared and confident during your next discovery call?

I have bundled up four of the most popular bonuses from my signature virtual assistant training course, Foundations, and have made them available for you to purchase.

The Discovery Call Bundle includes:

  1. Job Opportunity Email Script
  2.  Discovery Call Guide
  3.  Discovery Call Follow Up Email Script
  4.  Scope of Work Proposal Template


These are the exact tools I have used countless times to stand out among other VAs, land dream clients and ultimately book out my services. Grab the Discovery Call Bundle today for only $27 and be sure to let me know about all of your success!


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