How to Find Virtual Assistant Clients

You have decided to start your virtual assistant business and are working on getting yourself all set up. The next step is to find those clients…but where and how? 


Before you even begin looking, it is so important to really define who your ideal client is what services you will be offering. Let’s break it down a bit.


1. Define who your ideal client is and what services they might want/need.

Think of the types of people you have worked with in the past. Who did you enjoy working with the most? My ideal client is a successful female business owner who is also a mom. Next make a list of services your ideal client would desire for a virtual assistant to handle for them. My ideal client needs a virtual assistant who can manage her email inbox and calendar. She needs someone who can learn how to do things quickly and isn’t afraid to make suggestions on how to do things more efficiently.

2. Define your services.

Make another list of things that you already have experience doing and/or things that you really enjoy. Remember that part of the reason for starting this business in the first place is to truly love what you do. 


Go back to the first list you made for your ideal client and compare it to this list. Circle anything that matches, and these are the services you should start with! It’s best to only offer 3-5 (at the most) services so that you can truly become the expert in each of these areas.

Ok, now comes the fun part! It’s time to let people know about your services! You can let your social networks know what you have to offer and more often than not, someone is going to know someone who would love to hire you!

I know several VAs who have had great success cold messaging potential clients, but that was never my jam. It just didn’t feel authentic to me and it completely freaked me out for whatever reason.

Enter facebook groups! Facebook groups are a great way to scope out a ton of different job opportunity posts. I’m not going to lie. They can be extremely overwhelming. This is why defining your ideal client and your services is going to be so important and it will ultimately help you sort through all of the posts that are showing up every single day. 

Facebook groups is how I landed several of my dream clients. I developed a method over time that helped me find the best job opportunity posts because there are a lot of not so great ones. The more detailed they are, the better! 

I also found a way to quickly stand out against the other VAs who were applying for these opportunities. I cover all of this in my virtual assistant training course, Foundations.

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