How to Achieve Your Goals Each Week- 3 Simple Steps

This may be shocking, but sometimes I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. I’m all for some random fun, but when it comes to ensuring I have a successful week and hit my goals- this is not the way to go.


I have three simple steps for how I go about this each and every Sunday. Ready?!


1️⃣ Writing down three goals for the week. Yes, only three.


2️⃣ Setting aside time each day this week to work on each of these goals.


3️⃣ Time blocking each day for the upcoming week.


I have found that if I set more than three goals for each week, I am almost for sure setting myself up to fail. By only setting three goals, I can be laser focused and hit them as long as I carve out the time in my calendar to work on each one.


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