How I Booked Out my Virtual Assistant Business

One of the top questions I am asked all the time is “Tara, how did you book out your Virtual Assistant business?” I’ve made a list of the top ten things that played a big part in me being able to book out my services. 


  1. I had a major mindset shift about a year into my business. I started journaling a lot to work through some things. I didn’t believe that I had anything of value to offer potential clients- so not true! I had to come to a place where I truly believed this myself before anyone else was going to. 
  2. I became a master of my calendar and time blocking. The only way I was going to be able to bring on more clients was to organize my time to be as efficient as possible. You can grab my Time Blocking Worksheet HERE to start mastering your calendar!
  3. I niched down to a handful of services and became an expert at each. 
  4. I chose to only work with dream clients who in return referred me to more dream clients. 
  5. I set boundaries around my time and schedule as many fun things as possible each week so I don’t burn out. Coffee dates with friends, lunch dates with my Hubby, nail appointments- all the fun things! 
  6. I show up consistently on social media. I determined what is doable for me and stick to that!
  7. I have a seamless on boarding process for each of my clients with as much automation as possible. I use Dubsado and I’m obsessed with it! It makes for a great user experience for my clients as well, which is super important.
  8. I am willing and able to figure out how to do pretty much anything. Google and Youtube are my besties!
  9. I was willing to put myself out there and be told no a lot in order to find dream clients who were perfect for me.
  10. I had to embrace “done is better than perfect”, which was really hard for me but truly paid off in the long run. 


You can do this! I know it may seem daunting right now, but once you have a process in place that works for you, everything is going to snowball. 


Tired of trying to do it on your own? Let’s work together! Check out all the ways I can help support you HERE.

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