Ask for Help

Asking for help.

It seems to be a common theme I’m seeing everywhere this month! I’m all about analogies, so I’m going to share one today. 

I have horrid eyesight. Like, think really bad and then multiply that by a million. Not joking. A lot of eye doctor’s don’t even know what to do with me. I currently am seeing the best eye doctor ever who isn’t stumped by my challenging history. He constantly wants to find ways to improve my vision. There is a newish type of contact lens on the market that he really wanted me to try. 

It sounded a little intimidating, but I agreed. Side note- I am about to turn 35 and already have cataracts. I will have to have surgery probably around my 40th birthday. I told you…I’m a mess

They had to take all kinds of measurements of my eye and send them to a lab who created the custom contacts for me. When I first started wearing contacts when I was 11, I wore those awful hard, gas permeable contacts. These are kind of like that, but they are huge and it takes a near miracle to get them in your eye correctly. Taking them out is weird, but easy. You have to use a miniature plunger to get them out. I wish I was kidding. 

I spent 45 minutes at the office being TRAINED on how to get them in and out. And I failed…a lot of times. I finally kind of did it, so they let me leave. 

The next morning I kept telling myself “You can do this. It’s just a contact.” 45 minutes later…I had not done it. I was beyond frustrated and in tears. I felt so dumb. 

My husband walked by and could see that I was not ok, and he asked me if I needed help. The thing was that I felt like I shouldn’t need help, but at this point I was wasting time and I completely needed help. 

He held my upper eyelid and I held my bottom eyelid while I tried to insert the contact without blinking or getting a bubble. We got it in! Sweet victory! But…there was a huge bubble. Again, I wanted to cry and give up. 

Josh suggested that I try a couple of things differently. I did, and guess what? I got it in…with no bubbles! He helped me with my other eye, and the same thing happened. 

I have been wearing these contacts for a couple of weeks now, and now my average time to get them in is less than 10 minutes. I still sometimes get a bubble, but it’s so much better!

You’re probably wondering what the point is. The point is I needed help! I was too stubborn to ask for help. Once I accepted the help that was being offered to me, everything went so much more smoothly. And someone else’s perspective on what I was doing helped me see what I needed to change to make it even better. 

I see this all the time with past and current clients. When I first start working with them, I see things from a fresh and different perspective. A lot of times we are able to come up with new systems and processes for their business that helps things run more smoothly and efficiently. This would not be possible if they did not ask for help.

So I want to challenge you. Is there an area in your business or your life that you need help with? Determine what it is, and ask for help. You are not weak for asking for help. You are strong, and asking for help is a brave move. 

PS- To get the full picture of my contact drama, be sure to follow along in my Instagram stories today here.

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