4 Steps to the Perfect Business Planning Retreat

Are you needing to get some focused work down when it comes to your business? I’m pretty sure we can all answer yes to this. It can be hard to spend dedicated time on your business, especially when you are providing services for your clients. 

Consider going on a biz planning retreat! I just got back from a mini getaway with one of my best friends, and it did my soul…and my business…so much good!

Step 1

Grab your biz bestie and and book an airbnb! We elected to drive a few hours away and had so much fun on the drive down. I would also suggest doing a Google map search on where you decide to stay because we had quite the laugh when we rolled up to our destination last week. I was a little…ok a lot…nervous. Thankfully the inside looked just like the pictures, but lesson learned!

Step 2

Make a list of all things you would like to accomplish for your business. Write them in notebook or in the notes app on your phone. I started adding to my list about two weeks before our weekend getaway. The day before we left, I went through the list and ranked each task by priority based on the amount of impact it was going to make. 

Step 3

Pack all the essentials that are going to set you up for success and help you stay focused. I packed my laptop, notebooks and pens, post it notes, my favorite water cup, ear buds, my favorite candle, snacks and drinks. 

Step 4

Plan some time for fun. All work and no play is never a good idea. We grabbed some lunch at one of my favorite places and walked around a bit before checking into our airbnb. Once we got checked in, we set up our work space and jumped right in until we had a late dinner and watched a movie. I got up at 7am in the next morning to continue working on knocking out some of those tasks. 

There’s something about getting away from your normal routine and environment that is so refreshing and fun. I’m thinking this needs to become a quarterly thing!

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