5 Things I Didn’t Learn at Rise Business 2019

#1- I didn’t learn to play small and worry about what everyone around me might think.


What I did learn…It’s ok that I have BIG goals for my business, and I don’t need to apologize for that. #notsorry 


One of my biggest goals is to start offering workshops/master classes for VAs who are either just starting in their business or wanting to scale. My first class will be in the new year, so stay tuned for more info. Be sure to let me know if there is a specific topic you would love for me to cover.


#2- I didn’t learn that this is going to be easy and that I’m going to jump from A to Z quickly.


What I did learn…In order to accomplish my goals, it’s going to take really hard work. Like, really, really, really hard work. I’m going to fail, and it’s ok! I will RISE and try again. And if that doesn’t work, I will try something else.  


As an enneagram 1, it literally hurts my heart to fail. Guess what? I failed at the very beginning of my business by jumping at any job I could get. I ended up with less than ideal clients who didn’t want to pay me what I was worth. This left me feeling burnt out and frustrated. What if I would have quit then? I wouldn’t be a booked out VA who is only working with dream clients- that’s for sure!


#3- I didn’t learn that I’m just here to do my own thing.


What I did learn…I am here to have an impact. This includes my family, my church, my community and hard working momma’s who are craving a better way to make a living all over the world. 


I am so passionate about teaching other momma’s how to have a successful VA biz. I could talk about it for hours and hours. I can’t wait to serve you all more with content that is going to really help you build a successful biz. 


It’s also so important for me to give back. This includes monetarily, giving my time and I really want our family to go on a mission trip when my youngest is a little older. 


#4- I didn’t learn that everyone is going to understand my goals and totally support me. 


What I did learn…Most people will not understand my goals, and that’s ok. I have a community of 6,200 entrepreneurs, from all walks of life, who understand and who are going to challenge me and cheer me on along this journey. I’m also super blessed that I have so much support from my Husband and family. 


I’m also a part of a group of women business owners in the Kansas City area who meet up once a month. It’s great to have so many friends in the online community, but there’s something so special about meeting in person. I challenge you to find a group in your area, or create one if it does not already exist. 


#5- I didn’t learn that my health can come at the expense of the hard work I am putting into my business. 


What I did learn… It is impossible for me to be at my best in my business when my health is not a priority. One cannot come at the expense of the other. Period. 2020 is the year I will really be focusing on my health. 


I have taken the first step by joining a kickboxing class in July. I love it! My goals for 2020 are to work out consistently on the days I don’t have class, and to really focus on eating more foods that fuel my body. 


Attending Rise Business has been a turning point for me in my business. I have so many amazing new things to implement. My focus in 2020 is really going to be on providing some tools for brand new VAs who are just starting out. I can’t wait to share more soon!

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